Coolant Recycling

  • Posted on: 26 January 2017
  • By: Editor

The January Issue of MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING, published by SME, includes this article by Senior Editor Bill Koenig. The article is broadly directed to chip removal and recycling opportunities for coolant. James D. West, general manager of Sanborn Technologies' North American filtration division (Walpole, MA) states "Technology has advanced to a point where we can provide recycled coolant with the same specifications as new coolant. The challenge has been how to achieve the best results at a lower capital cost." New coolant formulations are described as presenting new sets of challenges, including as to chip removal. "New coolants can be very challenging for us," Friedrich Bitterwolf, director of engineering at Jorgensen Conveyors Inc. (Mequon, WI), states. He said coolant "can have physical impact on our conveyor and filtration systems," and the company focuses "on making sure that our component materials are compatible with the coolant chemistry." For example, he said, "We have made stainless steel tanks for many years with zinc-coated parts inside." However, "the introduction of a new coolant generated a reaction with the two metals and the liquid coolant. We had to suddenly change the materials of our product to accommodate the use of this coolant." Jorgenson, Sanborn, Eriez, Mayfran, and PRAB products are discussed. Click the pick to read the article. SME is a great organization and I am a member. Their monthly publication is first class. They excel, more than any other professional organization I know of, in facilitating solutions between their vast network of members. If you are not a member, give it consideration.