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Selectable Character Representative
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Full Data Publication

Death Match Data Only Publication
$600 per event

Warning -

Opponent must be approved as a fluid designed for comparible applications.
Blind testing is performed by 3rd party labs.
Results are what they are.

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Since 1997, METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE has been the most comprehensive and most often read magazine (electronic or paper) dedicated exclusively to the metalworking fluid industry anywhere in the world. Hear what visitors to METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE have to say about it on our FEEDBACK page.
Main Page

Where news summaries about the industry and about the most recent issue of the magazine are delivered bullet point to Readers and Subscribers. Includes news from the industry and regulatory agencies affecting the industry, and links to the hot spots in the publication and elsewhere.

Death Match

A special page dedicated to the only head-to-head comparison of industrial products in the world, as illustrated by the patented process of the Metalworking Fluid Death Match.


The most accessible forum for the industry in the world. Weekly questions and comments from the metalworking fluid community.


Monthly features ranging from expert advise to Technical Face-offs between manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. Advice on selection, management, distribution, testing, recycling and disposal of metalworking fluids.


The largest on-line directory of metalworking fluid products, equipment, and services, literature, and organizations in the world. Five separate databases, fully searchable, and managed by the manufacturers.


High Target Focus

Now Serving over 17,000* Users per month and growing (*since May, 2014. September, 2014: 17,435 visitors; 581 visits per day avg)

METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE is designed to perform as a very highly focused professional resource site. No one arrives at METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE by accident. This is evidenced by the high user session to hit rates, and duration of visits. The scope of the subject matter is narrowly focused, and subscribers and visitors are exclusively manufacturing industry professionals. This is evidenced by the substantive issues addressed on the Feedback Page as well as the email addresses of the subscribers. In recent years, the publication has received a growing number of international subscribers, and input and comment from professionals worldwide. The end user subscriber profile includes primarily Manufacturing Engineers, Consultants, Plant Managers, and Maintenance Managers. In addition, METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE is the host to subscribers from the majority of all metalworking fluid suppliers and major oil companies.

METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE is host to subscribers from the largest manufacturing facilities in the world, including; Boeing, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, Halliburton, General Motors, John Deere, Ford, Vought Aircraft, Alcoa, General Electric, and hundreds of others. METALWORKINGFLUID MAGAZINE subscribers include dozens of chemical companies, metalworking fluid suppliers, and virtually every major oil company. As of January 1, 2004, METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE recorded international subscribers from 56 countries, including:

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Subscriptions: METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE began accepting subscriptions in the spring of 2002. Subscribers to METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE are exclusively employed professionals associated with the metalworking industry. METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE has over 4,000 active subscribers worldwide, even though subscription is not required for access, and in an era when no one wants to give out their email address. Subscribers are professionals who have supplied METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE with their email address, requesting notification of updates to the magazine. Subscribers include managers from all of the largest industrial manufacturers in the United States. In addition to subscribers, METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE has several thousand regular non-subscribing readers who visit the site regularly, accounting for the large discrepancy between the number of subscribers and the average number of user sessions on the site.