The Death Match

Just when you thought there was nothing more fun than staring at those crazy little dots in Consumer Reports®, brings you the Death Match.

Subscribers can click on the Round Number for the match of interest.  Below the video for the match, look for the tombstone link to the CRYPT, where you will find the Death Match Data Vault.

THE DEATH MATCH IS PROTECTED BY ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING U.S. PATENTS: U.S. 7,834,878; 7,483,026, 8,554,346. All rights reserved. 

Houghton Hocut 795B v Castrol MB50




Aluminum Corrosion


Four Ball Lubricity






Falex EP


   THE BOTTOM LINE - The Death Match is intended to provide end users with a quantitative starting point in the critical path of decision-making related to metalworking fluids.  As most Manufacturing Engineers and Plant Managers have discovered, there is no independent publication like Consumer Report® for industrial products.  It's impractical to run tests on all of the machines in the shop. It's impractical to run bench test on all of the products available . That's why Industrial Consumer Advocate, Inc. created METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE.  

Notice:  A good bench test is great start, but it is not normally enough information on which to base a final decision regarding your metalworking fluid.  Always consult your company's metalworking fluid specialist and metalworking fluid representative.