The Old Red Courthouse

  • Posted on: 16 May 2015
  • By: Editor

The Old Red Courthouse is one of two must see historical sites in Dallas. It's just really cool. Every county in Texas has the original courthouse unless it burnt down. Seems they all caught fire at least once. Some were set on fire by nefarious entities seeking to destroy records of deeds (Railroads..?). This should be on your TO DO list because it's cool, very close to the convention, and won't wear you out. You can walk there from the convention, take a long lunch and really enjoy this one. It goes unnoticed too often. A few years ago they had a display of old maps - hundreds of years old. It was as fascinating as the architecture of this place. With a history of shoot-outs on the lawn - don't miss Old Red. 9 to 5 everyday and for 8 bucks you see it all.