Where Do You Think You're Going?

  • Posted on: 30 December 2014
  • By: Editor

Nowhere! Unless you get back in school! And the only class we recommend is the STLE Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course. Over the years, we have attended, reported, reviewed, criticized, and recommended this class to our readers. Every year, new managers and engineers enter into the field of Metalworking Fluids. In the 1990's there was virtually no formal education offered in Metalworking Fluid Management anywhere until STLE answered the call. The start was a bit rough in places, but the course has been refined over the years and STLE now has true expertise in providing this outstanding Certificate Program to the industry. This course, and Jerry Byers' book, are your first two steps in learning the business. These two steps will provide you with enough information to function adequately as an MWF Manager in your plant. From there, you can determine your further educational needs. It's a 2 1/2 day course, so start planning early to attend.

Location: The Engineering Society of Detroit, Southfield, Michigan
Date/Time: March 10-12, 2015 (2 ½ day course)
Overview: This course provides a comprehensive overview of metalworking fluids, and is led by industry renowned experts. This course is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive look at the latest techniques and practices that are sure to improve your metalworking fluid operations. The course gives you the opportunity to review the various operations that use metalworking fluids, explore the fundamentals of fluid and additive chemistry, analyze factors that affect the quality if metalworking fluids and the work environment, learn about the unique aspects of metalworking fluid microbiology and toxicology, and review a broad range of condition monitoring tests, learn how to use condition monitoring to manage metalworking fluids in individual sumps and large central systems.
Intended audience: This course is designed for those involved in developing additives for, formulating and using or maintaining metalworking fluids including: end users, formulators, additive suppliers & distributors. Registration for this event will be available soon