EP Additives: Regulatory Updates of Chlorinated Paraffins

  • Posted on: 8 September 2014
  • By: Editor

This month's Issue of TLT has two good reasons for you to read it. This issue includes a detailed report on the regulatory status of EP additives and alternatives. A summary of the key concepts include: There are no restrictions on the use of MCCP and LCCP chlorinated paraffins though they continue to be under regulatory assessment. A newly commercialized type of vLCCP is available and is not currently under regulatory assessment. A number of alternative EP additives are available for use as replacements for chlorinated paraffins. Alternative EP additives can be used in synergistic combinations and also in combination with boundary lubricity additives to provide comparable performance to chlorinated paraffins. The article provides an easy to understand overview of the EP additive situation, both scientifically and legally. Not getting TLT? Contact stle.org for information.