Zombie Bacteria

  • Posted on: 30 June 2014
  • By: Editor

Dead, live, and,..undead bacteria.  Do the blue ones turn green or do they turn red?  Are the blue zombies a hazard to a metalworking fluid system?  We reported last week on the research being conducted at Ghent and it's potential application to real-time assessment of metalworking fluid condition. No question, that is the elusive Holy Grail of metalworking fluid management. Here and there we see promising technology, like that from LuminUltra. Since we published this article, we have heard rumors that similar research is ongoing elsewhere in Europe, and we are working to bring that story to you. Continuing now with the Ghent research, we requested and obtained a clean PowerPoint that briefly describes their approach. Is this the next big thing? Enjoy!

PDF icon Ghent Research - Part II605.54 KB