IMTS 2014

  • Posted on: 4 June 2014
  • By: Editor

IMTS registration is open.  A search of metalworking fluids on the conference page yields a 1 hour presentation by David DiNuzio and Brian Halstead of Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.  The presentation is September 8th, from 10-11, Rm W-192B.  From that page: The term “value” is widely used in the B2B world, but what truly defines value? More importantly for the manufacturer, how can you get more of it? We take a unique approach in the marketplace by utilizing advanced metalworking fluid technology to unlock the greater process value for our customers. Defining that value entails an in-depth understanding of each company’s distinct processes and critical parameters. Such processes are then viewed through the lens of Total Cost. Significantly improving those manufacturing parameters and simplifying operations generates real value. Let’s talk about the numerous ways that metalworking fluids can help define the value for your company.