MWF Certificate Course - Day Zero


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Metalworking FLUID Certificate Course

Day Zero


John Fischer

November 2007:

Day Zero:  Flying over South Carolina, I noticed all of the buildings seemed to be nicely spaced apart, with lots of trees.  The buildings are all painted white.  If I am ever forced to live here, I’m going to get rich by introducing the brick and mortar home.  The airport is small and quaint, and strangely, I thought, carpeted throughout.  Even small as airports go, that’s a lot of vacuuming.  Nice color, bad pattern.  Overall – very nice airport with that small airport feel.  I love the convenience of small airports.  You’re in, you’re out, no delays.  Screw DFW.

Once in the airport, I’m looking all around.  The people seemed normal; two arms, two legs, head on top.  I guess I should have expected that much.  Still, whenever I go somewhere I have never been, I pay extra attention to such details.  After all, you never know where you might land.

The first lie of the seminar – No bus running on the weekend from the airport to the hotel.  My first $30 bucks gone to the great state of South Carolina.  It was worth every penny I might add.  That was the finest taxi cab I ever stuck my rear in.  The driver is very nice, and advises me that the Denny’s next to the hotel has one of the best steaks I’ll ever eat.  He’s got to be kidding.  Then he tells me where the topless bars are.  I remind myself to look in the bathroom mirror to see if I look horny.

I’m in the hotel, The Hampton.  It looks new.  I read it has been recently remodeled.  There’s nothing missing here.  The rooms are great and the price is right.  I look in the mirror, all seems OK, so I decide to check out the steak at Denny's.  Not bad.  Still, I think after I introduce brick and mortar, I’m building a steak house.  There is money to be made here.

Still doing some reading on Jerry’s book.  Read chapter 3 on the plane.  The book is living up to the hype so far.  This was another very good read.  I decided to look at the chemistry chapter tonight, but the TV keeps getting in the way just like it did when I took chemistry in college.  I travelled a long way to eat at Denny's and watch the tube.

Tomorrow is the Big Day 1.