Blaser Swisslube Celebrates 80 Years

  • Posted on: 31 October 2016
  • By: Editor

1936 was a year of international turmoil. In the midst of the global crisis, a 20 year man in Switzerland named Willy Blaser developed a water-proofing shoe polish that farmers found very useful. On the bicycle shown, he peddled from farm to farm, selling his popular shoe polish across the countryside. He had been trained as a painter, but was unable to find work. He founded a one-man company in his parent's house where he produced lubricants and chemical-technical products for agriculture. Shortly after the war finally ended, he hired the company's first chemical specialist, and opened his first chemical laboratory. Eighty years and two generations later - Blaser Swisslube AG is an international metalworking fluid powerhouse, with multiple modern laboratory facilities comparable to any in the world that I have seen in this industry. We have been noting metalworking fluid manufacturers with facilities in beautiful parts of the world. This one might win first prize in that category. Located in gorgeous Hasle-Rüegsau, Switzerland, Blaser has a close knit community of workers managed by Marc Blaser, grandson of Willy Blaser. We have personally toured the facility and the several labs and they are most impressive. Blaser is fully equipped and experienced to respond to any customer question or crisis. Attached is the press release. Happy Anniversary Blaser! - from Big Tex, who also happens to be eighty this year.

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