• Posted on: 3 March 2015
  • By: Editor

GHS + REACh2 / (EPA * OSHA) = KAOS Or so it seems. The March Edition of TLT, an STLE publication, is determined to Control the Kaos. TLT's article THE FUTURE OF METALWORKING FLUID ADDITIVES explains the impact the GHS system will have on end users, and the impact REACh2 will have on the importation and use of additives in the Eurozone. Metalworking fluids endure a demanding environment and much is expected of them. Performance can only be optimized with the use of numerous additives. In recent decades, the health and environmental impact of these additives have justifiably come under increasing scrutiny and regulation. Now, a global Supernova of metalworking fluid additive regulation is underway. Strip away the best biocides, and the result will likely be the introduction of numerous bio-based metalworking fluid products and a renewed emphasis on monitoring and the mechanical maintenance of metalworking fluid systems. Our link to the article provided courtesy of TLT and STLE, a not-for-profit organization.