Licking the Foam Problem

  • Posted on: 4 September 2014
  • By: Editor

The latest news on the battle with foam comes from QualiChem. In a Rhoades Communication Press Release (9/3/2014), QualiChem announced it has published a White Paper on new-technology no-foam coolants for high-pressure applications. The White Paper, Next Generation No Foam Technology Solves Production Problems, discusses the causes and effects of coolant foaming, and presents a case study in support.

High-pressure coolant systems can provide important benefits, especially when working with difficult metals like superalloys, titanium and stainless steel. Unfortunately, a common side effect frequently encountered in high-pressure coolant delivery systems is foaming. Foam dramatically reduces lubricity, increases coolant usage and decreases tool life, resulting in loss of productivity. It also presents a safety hazard and maintenance nightmare as foam spills over onto the shop floor. The QualiChem White Paper cites the experience of LB Pipe, a manufacturer of couplings in Magnolia, Texas. "This case study presents compelling evidence that buying coolants based solely on price can have disastrous results," said Forest. "Foam costs money in terms of more downtime and less productivity."

Free copies of the QualiChem White Paper may be downloaded by clicking the picture.