Latest Range of Neat Cutting Oils

  • Posted on: 25 August 2014
  • By: SandBlaster

When the whole world wants to get rid of oils and is looking for cleaner options, there are still a few applications which can't be compromised, where oil is the only practical solution. SULFOL LCI is the latest range of neat cutting oils from oelheld. They claim it is "derived from low aromatic, solvent refined base oils and can be used with both ferrous metals. Benefits of using SULFOL LCI include great aging stability and tremendous viscosity-temperature performance. The oil is chlorine free, which means that disposal and/or recycling will pose no problems. It also offers superior wetting, cooling and lubricating properties and provides temporary corrosion protection." Specific application information is provided in the Manufacturer's catalog which we included below. The charts show material and operations for each of the general categories LCA, LCI, LCO, and LCD. For more detailed application advice, contact oelheld.

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