Ford Supplier Certification to Metalworking Fluid Manufacturer

  • Posted on: 11 July 2014
  • By: SandBlaster

Chemetall has earned the Q1 Supplier Status Certification from Ford Motor Company. The four primary areas that Ford's team looked at were certifications : ISO 9001/ISOTS 16949; ISO 14001 Certification (QS 9000/TE Certification for M&T only); Quality Operating System (QOS) and Performance Metrics and the Endorsements from Key Customers. In addition Chemetall adhered to the Q1 Site Assessment Evaluation Matrix. This checklist provided objective evidence that they met all of Ford's site expectations.  Ford Motor Company will award a certificate and a flag which will fly at Chemetall's Blackman Township, Michigan manufacturing facility. This will signify to the entire industry that Chemetall is a tier one supplier.