We Have Moved

  • Posted on: 27 May 2014
  • By: Editor

We moved our Post Office Box anyway. Why? Because we like getting our mail. We don't really mind slow mail. But we want to get it eventually and the USPS has been incompetently returning our mail on random occasions. This was confounded by the fact that they give us notice that we have mail, and then they inexplicably return it. We hand them their own notice and they deny they ever got it, even when the sender has called to tell us it was returned. They have a policy for handling these issues. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG. Seriously, there is a day and time when faced with the evidence, we all have to admit that we were wrong. The lady at the Irving Post Office (Valley Ranch) completely whiffed at her opportunity to do that. If you really think the over-bloated U.S. Government should be in business, try to discuss a problem we these idiots. Its no surprise that UPS and Fed Ex were able to come in and put the beat-down on these guys. So keep those cards and letters coming folks. We now have a decent chance of actually receiving them now.

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