Wrongful Death - Part 1

Legal Focus

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Zenaida Presas, et al. v. Driltech Mission LLC

by John G. Fischer, P.E., Esq.


    For anybody out there in denial of the hazards of contaminated metalworking fluids, meet the family of Zenaida Presas Sr.  Mr. Presas's family has filed suit in Tarrant County Texas against Driltech Mission, LLC for his wrongful death from exposure to biologically contaminated metalworking fluid.  This is our introduction to the case, which we will monitor and evaluate for you as it progresses. 

    Civil suits in the United States generally progress very slowly, so be patient.  This suit (Cause No. 141-185238-00) was filed November 3, 2000.  It is scheduled for trial in April of 2003.  In the legal business, trial in 6 months feels like trial in 6 weeks.  In other words, it is not far off at all.  There is much to do in preparation, and discovery (your opportunity to gather evidence) ends long before trial begins. 

    Defendant Driltech Mission is a division of Sandvik, and a part of the Sandvik Mining and Construction Group.  They manufacture drilling rigs and carbide tools for drilling.  The Driltech Mission DTH division is located in Mansfield, Texas, and is described by the company as "a spacious new manufacturing facility..."

    Zenaida Presas Sr., well, we don't know much about him yet.

    METALWORKING FLUID MAGAZINE has a copy of the case docket and is obtaining copies of court documents, including pleadings, motions, and orders, at this time.  As the documents are reviewed, we will provide you with the exact status of the case.  It appears from the docket that other parties have been added to the case.