STLE Annual Meeting


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by Dom Ruggeri

July 2006:
Each year in May, the STLE holds it’s annual meeting and exhibition and this year was no exception.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada was the location this year, and what a location it was.  Lubrication specialists from around the globe attended.  These people came to work, learn, network, and enjoy the Calgary Section’s hospitality.  This year’s Annual Meeting attendance was close to 1200.  Quite a feat for a society of about 4,000 members.

The Education Courses:
This is the second year since the classes were completely revamped.  Dr. Fred Passman and his committee continue to do an excellent job tailoring the classes to both the novice and seasoned formulator.  The now standardized classes are always being updated with the latest information, so wherever the classes are offered and no matter whom the instructors are, the material is current and relevant.  Of course, the education programs of the STLE are always evolving so if you have a suggestion please feel free to contact headquarters or any member of the Board of Directors and we will gladly forward your idea to the Education committee.

The Technical Papers:
These are the center of the annual meeting.  In this forum, lubrication professionals come from around the word to present the results of their research.  The lubrication scientist was treated to a variety of topics.  Papers ranged from new research topics to continuing research efforts presented so we can track the development of these new theories.  Attendance here will keep you on the cutting edge of lubrication technology.

The Commercial Marketing Forum:
I remember when this forum began.  The nay Sayers (Yeah - you know who you are) believed that no one would pay to present a paper, and that busy professionals would not attend seminars given by sales representative.  I am happy to say The Commercial Forum is still growing rapidly.  Not only will busy professionals attend these seminars, many of them want to present.  This forum has grown so quickly that we had to add time slots to accommodate all those wishing to present.  Many companies having seen the value of this sales tool purchased multiple time slots.  The popularity of this forum is a credit to both Mr.  Ed Kane (Founder) and Noreen Cherry (Chair).  Without Noreen’s diligent attention The Commercial Marketing Forum would never be the success it is every year.

In closing, I am pleased to say the 2006 STLE Annual Meeting was a success and Calgary certainly welcomed us with open arms.  However, I want to leave you with this parting thought: STLE is made up of members.  Many of us have been around a long time.  Some of us are fresh out of school.  All of us have something to offer.  Therefore, if you are a member, no matter your experience level, get involved.  If nothing else, talk about the society with others.  Perhaps you may be the catalysts for a new member, and the content offered by the STLE is worth the cost of the dues

As always should you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me in care of the magazine.  Till next month,

Good Luck